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Recently Added

Nature Lovers Inn

Horana, South Coast
The Nature Lovers\' Inn is a special place for those...

Wijaya Holiday Resort

Horana, South Coast
Beauty beckons you for a joyful respite among misty mountains,...

Diyaluma Falls Inn

Koslanda, Hill Country
Located near the DIYALUMA waterfalls along A4 road, Colombo, Beragala,...

Leopard Trails Camp Sri Lanka

Yala, South Coast
Leopard Trails classic mobile camping safaris redefine the original tented...


32 Hotels
USD 40
South Coast
87 Hotels
USD 40
West Coast
32 Hotels
USD 50
East Coast
8 Hotels
USD 110
Jaffna And North
1 Hotels
USD 30
Ancient Central
75 Hotels
USD 28
Hill Country
73 Hotels
USD 15