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Recently Added

Eclipse Bar

Colombo 03, Colombo
Relish a cool beverage or grab a quick bite from...

Kanchana Lounge and Bar

Kandalama, Ancient Central
Next to the Café Kachchan is the main residents’ bar,...

Cheers Pub

Colombo 02, Colombo
Catch some sporting action on a big screen at this...

Regency Pub

Colombo 06, Colombo
The Regency Pub. a pioneering English style pub in the...


64 Nightspots
USD 20
South Coast
21 Nightspots
USD 20
West Coast
10 Nightspots
USD 20
East Coast
1 Nightspots
USD 20
Jaffna And North
0 Nightspots
USD 20
Ancient Central
17 Nightspots
USD 20
Hill Country
10 Nightspots
USD 20